Software for Forecasting the Future Company

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The continued development of the organization as well as the increased complexity of the problems in a company to challenge the company to grow its business. To meet the needs of the business segment, PT Prima Solutions Statindo Survey (SPSS Indonesia) today launched the Purple Analytics solutions and services to market their latest Indonesia.

The solution is a part to build a company into the future, by predicting whether the company will progress or setbacks in the future. One solution is launched, ie, predictive analytics, is now increasingly popular among corporate management, because these services can assist management in determining the strategic steps a business.

"The continued development of the organization, decision-making process even more complex and complicated. Management is now increasingly realized that they needed to use the analytic approach to internal and external data, "said Linggawati Sutanto, CEO of Purple Analytics Asia Pte. Ltd.

"We provide predictive analytic solutions, the company can predict what will happen in the company in the future," said Dickie Widjaja, Head of Business Development Purple Analytics Asia Pte. Ltd., in perbincangannya on VIVAnews, October 4, 2011.

Technically analysis using corporate data, and then analyzed with SPSS software or prediction software, to adjust to the needs of a company. The data analyzed include customer data, as well as the company interaction with customers. Predixion The software can help companies transform business analysis into predictive analytics.

"The majority of medium-sized companies would have to do a little analysis of the data by using Microsoft Excel. By using Predixion Insight, the company will be stronger in doing the analysis, thus helping in making decisions quickly, accurately, and simple, "added David Runacres Head of Asia Pacific Operations at Predixion Software, Inc..

Currently services more predictive analytics solution used by telecom operators, financial, and insurance. But for now can be used by any institution that wants to develop the company.

As a provider of predictive analytics solutions that have been acting for more than 12 years of working with more than 350 large and small companies, Survey Statindo Prima Solutions has been holding well-known clients include Telkom, Bank Central Asia, and Adira Finance.

source: Vivanews

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