Bay Windows

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Dictionary definition of a window is: "A window is an architectural function that can add far more light and space to a room". If your house placed close to a attractive view, the bay window will provide an great viewing space and develop a great atmosphere in you house. Bay windows are most associated with the Victorian architecture style as built in San Francisco, exactly where you might note numerous of them.

Commonly the bay window is not 1 sided but three sided. Essentially you have 3 typical/standart windows, one that is parallel to the walls inside, and two that come off the side of the front window that are each angled inward toward the space developing your bay window. The entire installation could possibly add 2-three feet (.61-.91 m) of length to the room. Width is dependent of the size of windows installed and the angles of the two slanted sides. The area created by adding this sort of window is called a "bay," and bay does not, as many people assume, refer to views of the San Francisco Bay that the window could generate.

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