Blackberry Curve 9360 - The Best Christmas Gift for 2011

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The Blackberry Curve 9360 has been out in the industry for some time now but it hasn't made the identical noise that it was creating just before it was released in both the US and the international marketplace. Folks, particularly these that write critiques online, have stated that the telephone is certainly a keeper in terms of design and functionality.

There are a lot of issues that fans of RIMs Blackberry phones should certainly appear forward to when they get their personal handset/ smartphone. Mind you this isn't just a phone that's got almost everything that produced Blackberry a household name. This is a telephone that will soon develop into the ancestor of the telephone that will beat back the recognition of Apples iPhone series.

So what makes the Blackberry Curve 9360 the alpha dog from the complete previously released Blackberry phone?

For starters, the smartphone has a improved seeking exterior compared to the older models such as the Blackberry Bold. The phones got a TFT display with a screen that is got a 480 x 360 pixel size and a QWERTY keyboard. The old-school roller has also been replaced by a wise touch-sensitive optical trackpad.

The phone also sports some of the top points in other smartphones. Physically, the new Blackberry Curve telephone has received a venerable quantity of upgrades. The telephone can now help microSD memory cards which can reach up to 32GB. The Internal memory has also been boosted to 512 MB storage plus 512 MB RAM. Like other smartphones in the marketplace at present, the Curve will also be applying the Wi-Fi technologies together with Bluetooth.

Other features for the Blackberry Curve consists of the new Blackberry OS which is the Blackberry OS 7., the phones CPU will be powered by an 800MHz processor and the classic standards from Blackberry are nevertheless present like the integrated messaging which now sports different varieties such as SMS, MMS, normal emails and push email.

A lot of users have exclaimed that all the stuff that has been placed in the new telephone are superior than the earlier models and it surely rings accurate. Even though there had been some negative reviews about the item specially with regards to the phones processor of choice, there is nothing far better than going all out in supporting the new Blackberry.

Analysts have also stated that although the Curves processor could possibly be on the losing end when it comes to the sheer size of the processor plus the speed, the new and innovative BlackBerry OS 7. manages to take care of any flaws. The new OS has been touted through the initial testing days as nicely as throughout the so-known as beta testing period to be superior than the other varieties of OS or operating systems that gets loaded into smartphones.

Photos and videos are also effectively taken care of thanks to the newly installed 5 megapixel camera that lets images and recorded videos do all the talking. The phone also comes with its personal Web browser nicknamed Blackberry Browser together with functional apps that has been the trademark of anything that RIM and Blackberry items.

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