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What is a Pc Network?

A computer system network refers to an interconnected group of computers. The networks may possibly be classified according to the network layer at which they function based upon the standard reference models. The reference models may differ from market to industry, just like the five-layer Internet Protocol Suite model. Laptop Networks are classified on the basis of varied components like scale, connection technique, network relationships and protocol.

Sort of Pc Networking: The popular varieties of pc networks are:

  • Private Area Network (PAN)

  • Neighborhood Region Network (LAN)

  • Campus Location Network (CAN)

  • Metropolitan Location Network (MAN)

  • Wide Region Network (WAN)

  • International Location Network (GAN)

  • World wide web function - intranet, extranet and online

Value of Computer system Network Solutions in Organizations:

With the boom of technologies and e-commerce, most of the little and sizeable corporations now are driven by the use of internet. The Internet and the influence that it has on e-commerce and business has in a lot more than one ways turn out to be the "great equalizer" of compact home business and the larger corporate giants.

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