How to Troubleshoot A Network Using the OSI Model - Part 1

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I.T professionals in most cases method any network situation or ‘troubleshooting' from the OSI  (Open Program Interconnection) method. An OSI implements protocols in layers, permitting you to troubleshoot systematically layer by layer.

When troubleshooting making use of the OSI model, you can commence from the rather starting, layer 1 and move upwards commence at the top, going from layer 7 down to 1, or begin troubleshooting from the layer that you think is the predicament and then move in your selected direction. Either way you opt for to perform will get you exactly where you want, but most technicians opt beginning from layer 1 just considering that it is less difficult to get started with the basics very first.


Start out off on Layer 1, the ‘physical layer', the layer that is focused on the media, signal and transmission. It is whatever goes by way of or operates in the network at an electrical or mechanical level. This would mean you would be troubleshooting cables, physical hardware and other devices. Troubleshooting this layer will let you to acquire if it is a simple physical issue – for most I.T technicians a fine location to start.

Title Post: How to Troubleshoot A Network Using the OSI Model - Part 1
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