Overview of ISCSI Technology

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iSCSI (World wide web SCSI) is the normal protocol for encapsulating SCSI command into TCP/IP packets and enabling I/O block data transport over IP networks. iSCSI can be utilized to develop IP-based Storage Location Networks (SANs). The straightforward, however strong technology can help supply a high-speed, low-price, extended-distance storage solution for Internet web sites, service providers, enterprises and other organizations.

The iSCSI target resides on a host exactly where StarWind has been installed. StarWind is a software iSCSI target solution, which supports a variety of sorts of physical devices and virtualization.

The iSCSI client is known as initiator. With an iSCSI initiator, it is feasible to access unique iSCSI target devices. There are a lot of iSCSI initiator implementations for several operation systems. The communication between an iSCSI target and an iSCSI initiator is performed more than a TCP/IP-based network (a local network or the Net).

The use of the iSCSI protocol is a revolution in storage applications. With an iSCSI initiator a remote device appears as it was a neighborhood 1 - there is no distinction for applications. The effect is to provide geographical independence to the individual utilizing the initiator. There are far-reaching consequences of this: The use of familiar network technology and management reduces education and staff costs, and increases stability and reliability of an organization's infrastructure.

- iSCSI is scalable over long distance or in a Neighborhood Area Network (LAN), enabling remote data replication and disaster recovery.
- A user can access the same desktop wherever in the world they are -- the age of the thin client is right here.
- Common firewall and security measures can be employed to safeguard an organization's data.
- There is no need to have to have sizeable trunks of dark fibre or other communications infrastructure deployed, with accompanying contract and SLA management.
- An organization could spot all of its disk space in purpose-built co-located premises, rather than in high priced workplace space.
- Centralized backup of all the storage inside an organization is now a reality.
- An organization's security want not be compromised by the theft of a laptop, for example, due to the fact no confidential information will need be stored on the thin client.
- Existing SAN installations can be incorporated in new iSCSI networks by utilizing gateway technologies to bring iSCSI and Fibre Channel (FC) devices into the same network.
- iSCSI tremendously reduces the Total Expense of Ownership (TCO) - existing networking and storage resources can be utilized.
- iSCSI storage demands can be outsourced to storage brokers, for such benefits as co-situated storage for disaster recovery and storage on-demand provision.
- iSCSI latency is based on that of TCP/IP, so standard information compression strategies and site visitors-shaping methods will optimize throughput.

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