The Process Structure of Multi-Site Technology Rollouts

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The Process Structure is the initial component of the Technologies Rollout System. It gives the "bird's eye view" of the relationship and communication flow from beginning (client) to the end (nearby field technicians). It also:

  • Defines the facilitation of the management of multi-web-site nationwide and international projects
  • Determines interaction among consumer and technology rollout corporation as well as among technology rollout business and field resources
  • Is put to use to gage the technology rollout firm for delivering the agreed to method structure for every webpage and to retain consistency and high quality in execution  

Not All Method Structures are Developed Equal!
To fully fully grasp how the Method Structure functions, you should know what the many selections are. Our White Paper explains the primary structures employed for nationwide & international, multi-site technology rollouts. These include things like the:

  1. Centralized Single-Tier
    The client uses a technology rollout firm that directly manages field technicians by way of a direct partnership.
  2. Centralized Multi-Tier
    The client makes use of a technologies rollout business that hires subcontractors in a tiered hierarchy to manage field technicians.
  3. Rent-a-Tech
    The consumer or technology rollout company uses a Rent-a-Tech provider in a shared management effort of field technicians.
  4. Internal Employee
    The consumer or technologies rollout business uses internal staff for project management and field technicians. In Internal Employee Process Structures, further external nearby field technicians are likely to be necessary due to the number of web-sites and costs associated with employing sufficient internal field technicians to manage nationwide or international rollouts.
  5. Extra Structures: Hybrid
    A number of variations of the four basic structures might possibly exist as a hybrid structure. They will have associated advantages and disadvantages on an individual structure basis.

Evaluating the Procedure Structure
It is vital to appear at the crucial differences among these Procedure Structures and the Rollout Category of the project you are deploying. How very important is communication speed and accuracy? What about defined areas or responsibility or project tracking capabilities? What is the impact if a web page does not deliver as expected? How do you mitigate your risk? In order to actually have an understanding of what you want, you have to know what you want and communicate it in a defined approach structure for your rollout at any time.

White Papers
Concert Technologies' white paper series, A Guide to Selecting the Correct Technology Rollout Organization for Your Project, will assist you evaluate all of the parts of the Technologies Rollout Method of methodologies in order to get the most effective nationwide, multi-web site rollout services policy. Download your complimentary copies at this time

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