Windows Phone 7 Handsets - Enjoy Your Multimedia in a New Way

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A lengthy-awaited event in the mobile industry has occurred at last - Microsoft has lastly unveiled its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating program. Now in a extremely short run lucky customers will be in a position to try their hands on initial WP7 handsets. And the factor is they will have a truly wide range of alternative - as opposed to Apple, its main competitor that conquers the smartphone industry with just a single iPhone, Microsoft in partnership with Dell, HTC, LG, and Samsung announced the release of nine Windows Phone 7 handsets at once.

Besides the peculiarities and distinctive functions of every model, all of them will have a number of functions and characteristics determined by the typical mover they share - Windows Telephone 7 operating method. It will partially define the look of the handsets, their user interface, and primary functionality. Therefore all of them will have 3 hardware keys (still there are variations - for instance, Dell Venue Pro - will also possess slide-down vertical qwerty keyboard), at least 4 inches touch screen display, strong camera, etc.

As for user interface, its primary distinctive feature will consist in so-referred to as "hubs" - innovative way of organizing the phone's menu. Nevertheless the owners of Zune HD will quite possibly locate the interface rather familiar, for the reason that they truly have substantially in frequent. Each and every hub on the phone screen is not just a plain icon, but a way to deliver versatile and constantly updated specifics about a certain section. For instance, Many people Hub gathers and delivers data about all your good friends from both phone contacts and social networks and is reside, meaning that the information and facts such as status update or picture adjust can instantly appear on your telephone screen.

Windows Phone 7 Series will also give its users with a direct access to their preferred applications and services, both for perform and enjoyable. For instance, Office Hub will enable to manage and sync documents between phone and Computer, as well as deliver an simple access to Outlook Mail application. In turn Xbox owners will have a possibility to use a mobile version of Xbox Live service, as well as purchase many games and applications from Windows Marketplace.

With any of Windows Phone 7 phones you will also have a straight and simple and easy access to all your multimedia files. The Photos Hub will show all the pictures you want, which includes uploaded ones, photographs taken by your phone, or most latest photos of your good friends from the social networks. You will also be in a position to share your photographs with your pals easily. And, of course, music and video files. As it was already mentioned, Windows Telephone 7 Series has much in widespread with Zune HD's interface. And the similar factor repeats concerning multimedia - WP7 handsets will have nearly the exact same music and video capabilities as Zune HD. Multimedia player will enable the playback of your favorite songs and motion pictures if their format is supported by the device. But even if you have your multimedia files in a single of the unsupported formats, you can quickly with a conversion computer software. And it is still feasible to manage and transfer files with the Zune Pc software package.

All abovementioned and many other attributes of Windows Phone 7 Series will be on the market to the prospective shoppers by holiday season 2010, when to begin with WP7 handsets will be released.

Title Post: Windows Phone 7 Handsets - Enjoy Your Multimedia in a New Way
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