Windows Phone 7 Shaping the Mobile Market

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The present smartphone operating technique market is a two horse race among the Google-owned Android platform and Apple's iOS. Together, the two operating systems make up 67% of the smartphone OS market place share. The RIM Blackberry OS is the closest competitor to the mobile giants right now, controlling 20% of the marketplace. Then again, market place study giant IDC projects that by 2015, Windows Telephone 7 will not only compete with Android, iOS, and Blackberry, but will truly outsell the latter two and become the second most favorite mobile operating program.

Windows Phone 7, generally abbreviated as WP7, is Microsoft's smartphone operating system that offers an innovative user interface and a feature set related to their dwelling computer operating program. Released in October 2010, Windows Phone 7 has received mainly positive testimonials. Specifically, critics have praised the fluidity of the phone's navigation system and the incredibly responsive touchscreen controls. Minor criticisms have arisen that claim the e-mail program is not user-friendly, and some reviewers were disappointed by the lack of multi-tasking ability.

Microsoft plans to amend WP7's shortcomings by releasing an update in fall of 2011 codenamed Mango. The update is promised to bring hundreds of updates to the OS, including improved e-mail, state-of-the-art multi-tasking, universal search, and innovative telephone and social media integration. Microsoft also unveiled plans to introduce to the platform an HTML5-friendly World-wide-web Explorer 9 along with Bing Vision, a function that will allow users to take photos of items with their phone's camera and get info about them internet.

The fixes and added features that the Mango update promises to supply are the key reasons for IDC's speculation that the sudden growth in Windows Telephone 7. Some analysts have raised their eyebrows and doubt that an operating program which presently holds only 9% of the marketplace will be able to increase in reputation and overtake mobile titan Apple so swiftly. But, WP7 is swiftly expanding and boasts alot more applications in its mobile marketplace than the Android platform did at the exact same age. Keep in mind, skeptics also doubted the iPhone's ability to compete in the mobile market place upon its initial release.

The new capabilities Windows Phone 7 promises combined with its currently spectacular and responsive user interface will undoubtedly sway some smartphone users into switching operating systems. Regardless of whether or not WP7 essentially overtakes iOS and becomes Android's greatest competitor in the coming years, both Apple and Google need to be worried that Microsoft is going to swoop in and seize at least a portion of their consumers. The release of the Mango update could mean the smartphone OS market place shifting from a two horse race to a 3 corporation showdown.

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