Wingsuit Base Jumping and Technology Rollouts?

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Wingsuit BASE jumping is one of the most extreme and dangerous sports out there. With its mechanics similar to those of a flying squirrel, a wingsuit jumper has an average forward speed of 100 mph – that's 146 feet per second and would clear a football field in below 2.5 seconds. Participants ought to cautiously prepare for their jump keeping in thoughts that although they will fly by way of the air like a bird, they are falling towards the earth at about 50 mph. This is like jumping off the Empire State Constructing and hitting the street below in much less than 20 seconds. With the threat of death getting 1 in each 2,300 jumps and injury getting 1 in just about every 254 jumps, BASE jumping is even far more risky than skydiving. Wingsuit jumpers know that organizing and having a verified technique in location prevents mistakes and is a needed portion of their safety precautions.

Comparable principles hold true when you are deploying technologies at several sites at an accelerated rate. The value of speed and accuracy in completing your category 1 (one day or much less) technologies deployment are comparable to wingsuit BASE jumping. Without having accuracy and a carefully calculated speed, a wingsuit jumper risks injury or death, just as the technologies deployment may fall short of your expectations and you could possibly suffer the injury of missed scheduled dates, revisits, unprofessional and unskilled technicians or the fatality of damaging your challenging-earned reputation.

Title Post: Wingsuit Base Jumping and Technology Rollouts?
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