Application schedule for Prayer on your mobile phone

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Telecommunication technologies are increasingly sophisticated. A wide range of mobile phones for jumawa show off their power systems operations respectively. At the time of this clever, not that rose to underestimate the level of kereligiusan. Precisely between the faith can be supported by technological advances.

Moreover, now the various applications for Muslims widely available for free. Among them is a reminder schedule of prayer. Now, no more reason to leave the prayer because of missed time or don't know if you've entered a time of prayer. These will be reviewed several applications compatible with the schedule of prayer some systems operasii on mobile.

Islamic Organizer-Application Schedule Prayer for Symbian S60 3rd Edition

Still you pray often moments of injury time? Preferably, the prayer disegerakan after entering time. In order to be able to just know that it is entering a time of prayer. Just use the Islamic Organizer which works shows the schedule of Prayer. There are several options how to calculate prayer schedule of some of the institutions in accordance with Islam.

Islamic Organizer is a reminder schedule application procedures. Calculation schedule of prayer consists of a variety of appropriate cultural and Islamic streams that exist around the world. The menus in this application is easy and convenient to use with the nuances of Arab and Islamic. Shades of background image display schedule prayer will change according to the clock time.

In the morning, background color looks Dim according the conditions in the morning. During the day, light blue color looks lumpy on background images. In the afternoon, towards the sunset, view pictures began dominated orange color like old horison towards terbenamnya the Sun.

Azan sound is also available with a variety of options, you can select the adhaan in Madinah, Makkah, Azan Azan or Egypt. The application also allows to speed up the reminder time schedule of prayer between 1 to 30 minutes. Notification time Iqama time also adapted at the local mosque Iqama.

Islamic Organizer does not merely serve as a reminder schedule of prayer, but also has the ability to switch your mobile profile so you can khusuk prayer. If confused with Qiblah direction, this application comes the Help menu directions Qibla according to your location. Notice the direction is done by two ways of referring to the North and towards the Sun.

In calendar, you can determine in accordance with the Gregorian calendar or Hijri or both. Available data for over 200 countries and 1000 cities in the database application, with the ability to add, subtract, and edit your locations so that the schedule can be adjusted with the turtles, where you are today. If You already have a GPS phone, this application is capable to update your location. This application is also supported by five choices of language, i.e. the language of the United Kingdom, Arabic, French, Persian, and Urdu.

The following steps use the application schedule prayer Islamic Organizer.

While opening this application for the first time, you will be asked for your consent regarding the use of the internet connection and the application Calendar. Press

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