Introductory Material On Information Technology

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Each student who takes the education program, definitely Informatics courses will get an introduction to information technology. Courses are given at the start of a student attending. Kuiah eye Pengatar information technology is given with the intention that a student can understand the basics of knowledge that exists in the world of information technology. Thus in the later, a student can understand with details about the various problems that exist in the informatics technology studies clearly.

The material provided in the introductory courses on information technology is quite diverse. Because as the introductory science, then it would explain about the basic concepts of information technology, the history of information technology and also about kopmonen-what are the existing component in the study of information technology.

On the introduction of introductory courses on information technology, a student will be given an understanding of the definition of information technology. In General, this information technology dimaknai as a scientific discipline created by human beings relate to data management.

The management of the data in question here is a series of processes that are started from the recording, penyimpana, processing, shipping as well as the back, an acceptance of the data given as a form of information. Where the information originates from a single managed subject to later needed by other subjects.

From this definition, gained new understanding about the meaning of data and information. Usually people would be confused to define both those words, even tend to consider these two words are the same thing. Whereas, between data and information has the distinction that is pretty basic.

Basically, data is an information which is still raw or not processed. So, its existence could not be utilized by humans to support their activities. Meanwhile, the information is data or data sets that are already dioleh with in such a way so that it can have meaning and benefits to humans.

While the meaning of technology is herself is the art or science of yangberhubungan with the knowledge of the application of scientific knowledge to harnessing of useable in life. If examined more deeply, then science has karakterstik as a collection of science where it is obtained through scientific research. Typically, this knowledge will come from a organiasasi education such as universities.

Meanwhile, technology has a characteristic which refers to all the things that are more practical and capable of producing something. So it could be said that technology has an orientation on the industrialized world that is complex and difficult to predict.

Science and technology will always evolve with the changing times. However, there are times when the constraints in the process of communicating the emerging science and technology. Constraints that occur due to several things, among others:

Cultural Factors

Culture is the product of human thought which is obtainable in descending down and tends to be a benchmark in the activities in a region understood humanity to be certain. If science and technology entering tend to conflict with the culture of the long-held and believed by a community, usually in science and technology will be difficult to be accepted and developed. If can change the State of the community, usually takes place in a fairly long period of time.

Factor In The Transfer Of Technology

New technologies are often difficult to society in order to replace the old technology that already exists. This is the custom pattern-related communities that are already more familiar with older technology even though the pun basically emerging new technologies that offer convenience. For example is the difficulty of the parents in the use of mobile phones and prefer using home phone. This is because they feel it difficult to operationalize the mobile phone devices are rated more complex than other types of phone home.

The existence of a superior knowledge

Science and technology are found later, it will be hard to masyakat if it is accepted knowledge and existing technology first is believed to be have excess. An example is the difficulty of changing the way people view to change the motor vehicle fuels from petroleum uses into the gas. Cause, supporting technology for vehicles that use oil, considered much easier than if you have to switch to using a fuel gas.


Already the strong unity inherent in a society that is equipped with a unified view of a knowledge and technology, new technologies will make it difficult to enter. An example is the difficulty of changing the mindset of inland communities to use modern technology. For, inland communities already have strong confidence to trust the commands of their chiefs.

The History Of Information Technology

Through the science of introduction of information technology, we can find out about the history of the birth of the science of information technology. Basically, information technology has been born since man has not even entered the era of history.

This can be proved by numerous discoveries in a variety of media such as goa, slab stone or metal that contains images from scratch or a specific code. This shows that the ancient peoples were already acquainted with the concept of a simple communication.

In the early period of history, there are three countries that are regarded as the pioneers of telecommunication system of human beings. the three countries are China, Egypt and ancient Rome. Third country is doing the documentation of a variety of information considered important on some media. Like the sculptural clay or also use paper.

In addition, entering the telecommunications systems of modern civilization are familiar tools are more advanced. Among them are the recording using paper called archive, discovery tools such as telecommunication or telephone telegraph also.

In the digital age, change communication system was moving rapidly along with the invention of computer technology. It begins with the discovery of communications equipment are mechanical, since the invention of calculators by Blaise Pascal in 1642.

The consummation of this mechanical information systems evolved when Charless Babbage began developing a system of ancient computers in 1830. This period is considered the early computer technology which was later known to man at this point.

A variety of changes and developments in the process of the submission of this information indicates that the information is a thing that is considered important to humans. Next from this condition then arose the question, why humans need information?

Basically, the information created humans as a means of communication. This process is delivered either by the use of signals, such as smoke or lights. Can also use the coding system, for example, morse code, or gestures.

In addition, information technology is required as a basis for a decision. This corresponds with the notion of information is a data that has been processed so that it is able to have a special meaning.

And to get the information, we can do it from a variety of sources. One of the sources of information are the most sought-after are the mass media both print and electronic. In addition, the academic circles to make media library whether scientific as well as scientific as spring or popular as one of the sources of information. Likewise with activities as well as media interviews, writing can be a source of information.


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