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Download Latest Version PeerGuardian 2. Users of P2P software is very vulnerable to attacks by hackers from different directions because they are already known IP in general. PeerGuardian presented to help resolve the issue. PeerGuardian is an IP blocker program is small and light that are specifically in diesain for P2P software users, in addition, this program is also made ??for anyone who cares about safety when performing activities on the internet.

PeerGuardian will block the connection to the specified range of IP configuration and connection to log on in the block. The program uses the block list to block harmful IP, but IP ranges can also be configured manually. Pre-configuration to block the RIAA, MPAA and many others, MediaDefender, BaySTP, ranger, OverPeer, NetPD and much more.

PeerGuardian is a program known as a small but powerful firewall that is suitable for you who want to protect your computer from unwanted data break-ins. If you are not using a list of IP block list manually, to ensure that the block list used untku block malicious connections is up to date, PeerGuardian uses a database blokck online list will regularly update daily, so your privacy will remain safe in it.

PeerGuardian is compatible with all file sharing applications based on TCP / IP, such as Kazaa, iMesh, LimeWire, eMule, Grokster, DC + +, Shareaza, and much more. Singaktnya, PeerGuardian is a program that must be at disposal to all file swapper. PeerGuardian does not contain advertisements, nor does it require registration, and no personal information collected from or users in the use of these products.

Requirements: Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / 2003 / XP64
Languages: en-US
License: Open Source
Author: Phoenix Labs

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