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This is the latest version of AntiVirus ANTV MD5. Same As ANTV MD5 when the earlier you find a new virus that has not been detected, you can insert itself into the virus database AntiVirus so that this can be detected. AntiVirus database is integrated with ClamAV

1:01 feature ampCLAMAV beta build 96
- "Pure" using the database engine and ClamAV version 0.9x
- Integrated TaskManager, window handle, Driver, Services, all of the module running, console, etc. ....
- Real Time Monitor
- Almost all of Archive files can be in-check / scanning
- You are free to choose and use main.cvd or not daily.cvd krn ampCLAMAV by default use daily.hdb and daily.ndb (akan anada created when first run ampCLAMAV)
- You can menggupdate own virus database in accordance with your needs without the "restrictions" md5 good sign and sign pattern
- And that is not more important that you create a database with ampCLAMAV can be used for all of ANTIVIRUS ClamAV, you live copy-and-kannya (daily.hdb and daily.ndb) in the ClamAV database folder.
- Support Unicode path / folder / filename
- Merestore document file (*. doc, *. xls) that "in the" virus
- Bring back the file / folder document that is hidden by the virus.
- Options for scanning based on file extension, file size, etc.
- Fix Registry, System Tray, Scan Running process, quarantine, restriction of the scanned files, useless kill process, etc..

Click below to get AMPclamav 2009

Download AMPclamav

In its database, I have entered daily.cvd update 1 May 2009, for main.cvd please enter your own.

-Updatetanya newest can be found in and or

Letakan-main.cvd and dailiy.cvd dalama folder or database

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