What is a Laptop, Netbook and Notebook?

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Maybe for some people this is merupankan something not so important. But for some others it is quite confusing, especially for an entrepreneur in the field of IT which is spreading its wings.

For that reason, we review a little about what it laptops, netbooks and notebooks that we believe almost everyone already has it. But from this we also believe in not a few people who already have even been memakainnya for years, did not know about it. So when they need them, they just said "Sir, I want to buy a laptop". But when the businessman/salesman handed, it turns out the buyer said "I nyari laptop pack, not a notebook or netbook!" And once described at length the new sipembeli finally understand. But there are also times that make sipenjual annoyance is when the buyer says "Dad what should I do anyway, selling the laptop but do not know where it's a laptop".

Therefore, here we review a few things about what laptops, netbooks and notebooks:

1) Laptop is only a general designation for netbooks and notebooks. so the laptop could be interpreted as netbooks and notebooks.

2) In terms of size, netbooks have a smaller size of about 7-12 inches so it is more practical to carry wherever, while the notebook measures 13 inches and above.

3) Netbooks are basically designed to do a performance that is lighter than a notebook. For example, process data word, excel, power point, surf virtual world, save a few files, play games like solitaire and lightweight others.

In contrast to the performance beyond notebook netbook, with fast data processing speeds and powerful multimedia capabilities. So users can find ideas, pour it in a work and enjoy the results of the work such as editing pictures, videos, do research, play games and others.

4) Even if there are netbooks with specs that could be considered equivalent to the ability of the notebook, it is innovation from the vendor to the needs of certain people which of course is enough to drain your pockets.

Similarly, we can tell, hopefully a little review above can give some knowledge to us all. In addition, may be helpful in finding a laptop as needed.


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