How to Save Electricity Your Computer

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Way of saving electricity your computer? If you try to save money from electric bills, you may be wondering how much electricity is consumed by your computer today? However, finding the answer to this question can be a rather complicated task. Amount of electricity consumed by the computer depending on the type of equipment you have and what applications you are running. Typically, the amount of electricity consumed by computers is between 65 watts and 250 watts. CRT monitors often require between 35 watts and 80 watts of electricity. A desktop computer has a label that contains how much electricity they need, but this is usually not a representation of the theoretical maximum and average.

As you might expect, desktop computers with faster processors use more electricity than computers with slower processors. LCD monitors only use about half the electricity of similar size CRT monitors. Accessories and peripherals such as a cable modem, router, or webcams contributing to the increase in the amount of electricity consumed by computers.

Regardless of what type of computer, type of work you do on the computer will make a difference in electricity consumption. Using a computer for editing digital images, website design, or playing video games uses significantly more power than reading an email or completing tasks simple word processing. In addition, the amount of electricity consumed will significantly increase your computer when connected to the Internet.

One common misconception about the amount of electricity consumed by computers is that using a screensaver saves money. Screensaver does not use less energy. Screensaver is a series of pictures move aims to protect the display of static images.

If you're worried about high electricity bills, the better option is to use stand-by mode when the computer is not being used. In standby mode, the computer uses about 6 watts of power and monitor power consumption down to almost nothing. Of course the cheapest is to turn off the computer when not in use.

Although many people prefer laptops because of reasons of convenience, interesting to note that the laptop may be a way to save significant energy. Most laptops use between 15 watts and 45 watts of electricity. Switch to a laptop may be a smart decision if you are worried about how much your electric bill at home. That's the power-saving mode on your computer.

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